Pep talk

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This is well worth the watch.  May you know that you are valued, you matter and the world needs your contribution!! Let’s all dare to dance a little more in 2013!

THANK YOU for supporting our 3-day Journey!

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A Little Glimpse From Our 3-Day Journey

Our team (Me, Christy, Robin, Sarah, Rachel and Pam) and one of some of our favorite signs.   Thanks Christy for the photo.

3-Day 2011

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3-Day 2011

We all finished and finished well! Dallas 3-Day raised over 7 million dolllars for the Susan G. Komen foundation that will go towards breast cancer research.

2011 3-Day For The CURE!

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2010 3-Day Team

Pam and Sarah delivered coffee and encouragement last year and will be walking with us this year!

Last year, I never really sent out a letter.  Each time I would write one, things would change.  This year, I sat down and wrote the following.  No editing, no worries, just hit send!  It’s done!  :-)  Though Jenn’s not with us this year, we know that she is experiencing the more joy than we can ever imagine!

E-mail I Just Sent Out

Greetings Friends,

As many of you know I participated (with your help) in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day For the Cure last November. My friends and I had signed up as a way to honor our dear friend Jenn who was in the midst of an intense battle with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Little did we know when we signed up, that we would actually be walking in her memory.

My dear friend Jenn lost her battle to the beast of cancer on October 16, 2010. Her faith, strength and perspective throughout were incredible to me (if you don’t know here story, you can read more here).  I personally had the honor and privilege of walking most of the last 10 months of her life with her on a regular basis. We’d eat dinner several times a week, watch ridiculous TV shows together, celebrate Girls Night In with friends, visit Medical City for “Jenn’s Juice” (Chemo), scans and other not so fun appointments (though we made it fun most of the time) and much much more! I also had the blessed privilege of spending Jenn’s last couple of weeks here on earth with her. Though, I confess that it was probably the hardest couple of weeks I have experienced (watching someone suffer and being able to do nothing about it)…it was also such a wonderful time and I know none of us that were there would trade it for the easy route (ever).

Though Jenn lost her battle, after attending my informational meeting last year, I could not help but recognize so many of the scans and treatments that she had received and they were funded either partially or completely by the Susan G. Komen foundation.

I have decided to take a victory lap for Jenn this year! Another dear friend who I was also walking in honor of last has joined our team with her daughter this year too!!!

The training and financial fundraising are a big commitment. However, after walking the path with Jenn, I know that it is nothing in comparison.

In order to walk the 3-day this year, I must raise at least $2300.

Would you consider making a donation? Donations can be made online or by printing the form and sending it snail mail.  Also, many companies will do matching gifts. Consider asking your company if they will make a difference along with you!

For those of you in the Dallas area, our cheer stations were what kept us going out on the walk! Hope to see you out there (again) this year!

Thank you for your consideration and generosity!



Video Tribute to Jenn

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Here is a beautiful tribute to Jenn’s life from her Celebration Service today in Ada.   Read her story here if you have not already.  She was a strong women, a fighter and a faithful friend, wife, and daughter!

The Love of Jesus Tangible in Ada

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This morning before I was even out of bed, a dear friend sent me a text with some sweet words of encouragement.  The funny thing is, the words were from a devotional from Jesus Calling of which almost all of my friends here in Dallas happen to also have.  I had left my copy at home, but her text left me wanting to read the whole entry.  So, I of course went straight to Jenn’s office and picked up her copy.

The following is the entry from today (October 14th, 2010).  I just sat and read it, as I laid resting next to Jenn.  As I listened to every breath and cherished the time I have here, I thought about how honored I am to call her friend and that her family would call me family.  Though the past few days have been filled with deep sadness, I think I can speak on behalf of all of us, that we have been surrounded and blessed by love, prayer and FOOD! J

BE PREPARED TO SUFFER FOR ME, in My Name.  All suffering has meaning in my Kingdom (oh how I wish we could understand it now).  Pain and problems are the opportunities to demonstrate your trust in Me.  Bearing your circumstances bravely — even thanking Me for them —is one of the highest forms of praise.  This sacrifice of thanksgiving rings golden-toned bells of Joy throughout heavenly realms.  On earth also, your patient suffering sends out ripples of good tidings in ever-widening circles (oh how we have seen this to be true).

When suffering strikes, remember that I am sovereign and that I can bring good out of everything.  Do not try to run from the pain (I’m learning.  Curry said this morning, ‘remember Jesus is the Rock and you’re allowed to be human) or hid from problems.  Instead, accept adversity in My Name, offering it up to Me for my purposes.  Thus, your suffering gains meaning and draws you closer to Me.  Joy emerges from ashes of adversity through your trust and thankfulness.

James 1:2-4, Psalm 107:21-22

~Sarah Young, Jesus Calling


More to come, just know we are blessed and feel so loved.   Keep the prayers coming.

A Sweet Interlude

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In the midst of a crazy time and a lot on my mind, I have enjoyed these sweet photos of my nephews first birthday!!!!  Enjoy them with me!  My nephew is adorable and my brother and sister-in-law are amazing photographers!!!

Yummy and I will leave some on my face just for special photos! :-)

Posing for the camera! The photographers son is an adorable ham! Oh and he's my nephew! :-)

I was bummed to miss his first birthday, but thankful for such fun photos!!! :-)


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